Today's employers are seeking more than just technical knowledge of the job, they are looking for employees who are willing to work as team players, have strong communication skills, work ethics, problem solving skills, leadership and a positive attitude. Soft Skills Pro is specifically designed to help participants prepare to enter or re-enter the workforce by preparing participants with the essential employability traits and soft skills needed for the 21st century workplace.

   Get Ready.
   Get Prepped.

Get Ready.

The Soft Skills Pro journey begins with our Workforce and Life Essentials (WLE) Course – an interactive soft skills curriculum designed to prepare participants for work and life success. The Workforce and Life Essentials (WLE) course is aligned with the employability traits that all industries look for when hiring new employees. The WLE course is taught 100% online and consists of the following 10 modules.

Interpersonal Connection
Diversity and Cultural Awareness
Appearance and Etiquette
Time Management
Service Excellence
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Get Prepped.

Career PREP gives Soft Skills Pro participants the opportunity to put their new soft skills knowledge into practice through the creation of a practical Career PREP Portfolio filled with professional development badges and information they can carry with them when it’s time to head out into the workplace. Career PREP Badges include:

  • Personality Assessment
  • Smart Goal Setting
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume Building
  • Interview Skills


Now it’s time for Soft Skills Pro participants to take their newly acquired soft skills to work! Upon successful completion of the Workforce and Life Essentials course, participants will earn their WLE course credential. Additionally, participants also have the opportunity to earn their Soft Skills Pro industry certificate based on successful demonstration of the 10 soft skills in the workplace.

The Soft Skills Pro credential and the WLE course work certificate are proof positive to current or prospective employers that the participant possesses the soft skills and employability traits deemed necessary to succeed in today's workplace.

Why Soft Skills are the Future of Work

A degree no longer guarantees a successful career. Transitional skills, also known as soft skills, are now also required, and they are not necessarily certified by an academic qualification. The fact that companies like Google, Ernst & Young and IBM have recently recruited candidates without academic qualifications proves this point. And they are not alone: Apple, Starbucks and other American companies have begun to realise that they need to diversify their workforces. "When you look at people who don’t go to school and they make their way in the world, those are exceptional human beings. And we should do everything we can to find those people," is the view of Laszlo Bock, former senior vice president of people operations at Google.

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Course Modules


A leader is effective because of who he or she is on the inside, and how those qualities are reflected on the outside. In this last module, you will learn that you don’t have to have a special set of talents to take a leadership role in your life. Leadership is shown through your everyday action and interactions with others. You will see how this is achieved by leading with the little "l."