Soft Skills make
the Hard Skills work!

Now more than ever, in this age of technology, employers across the USA and around the world are demanding much more than the standard degree. Soft Skills AHA is dedicated to bridging the gap between what is being taught in the classroom and what industry requires in the workplace. Our comprehensive, engaging and interactive programs cover the spectrum from Soft Skills Middle to Soft Skills High, to Soft Skills PRO.

21st Century Skills. Employability Traits. Transitional Skills.
Professional Skills. Essential Skills. Interpersonal Skills.

No Matter what you call 'em Soft Skills.
Students need 'em. Employers demand 'em.


Rise n' shine folks. The biggest names in business are harping on soft skills. Time to smell the coffee!

"Soft skills" need a branding makeover.

What's "soft" about learning to challenge others, dealing directly with conflict, asking for what you want, or holding others accountable?

Karen Walker, Forbes, January 27, 2021.

Soft skills are developed and improved over time.

Providing individual contributors with soft skill training early on in their careers provides each person with the time, experience, and opportunities to strengthen those soft skills. When they are put into a management position, their level of effectiveness is much higher.

Joseph Folkman, Forbes, February 16, 2021.

If I were to speak to myself before I did this online course I would not be able to recognize myself, because of

how much I have changed!

Soft Skills has given me the ability to recognize some of my weaknesses and how to improve them to better myself. You can't improve yourself without knowing where you struggle.

The WLE seminars made me realize that I am in charge of my life. My character, attitude and the impressions of others will always depend on my thoughts and actions. It taught me that waking up everyday and doing the same thing over and over again is not enough. I must prioritize things and set goals. Also, it taught me how to convert negative thoughts, stress, and problems into a positive one to have a happier and positive outlook in life. One challenging experience I had was being surrounded and exposed to people with different attitudes and characters. I learned how to respect them despite the differences. The WLE seminars have

made me a better person.

This course is incredible.

The course has taught me how to respect others and how to change my attitudes, and be more happy and grateful. It has made me reflect and be aware more of who I am.

Before ending this course, Id like first to thank everyone who made up this online milestone. Its life changing

Simply Amazing!

Soft Skills lets us reflect in ourselves, what do we really want, what are our visions in life and how to attain them. Soft Skills teaches us how to become a better professional and how to become a better person to everyone around you. Soft Skills plays a vital role in our self esteem and confidence.

Through this course

I have learned how to cooperate with others

to accept the views of others towards us. It also taught me how we react to what people have done to us by giving them a good appreciation. Besides, through this also I believe I can make a change in my studies and in my life too. This course has giving me an opportunity to develop myself in terms of confidence, responsibility, building relationships and cooperating with others.

I was able to use many of the new skills I had learned

from my Soft Skills course in order to help me improve day by day. Having the right attitude and setting myself goals were key components to helping reach the level and standard that was expected.

Thanks to Soft Skills AHA

I learned so much

and I'm really glad that I was able to take courses that can help me to express myself more. This course showed me that in order to achieve any goal you have to start with yourself. It has improved me as a student and I'm very grateful that it did.

I thought I knew a lot about customer service. After taking this course, I have learned that I do not know everything. I've learned how to better deal with my coworkers and find a middle ground. I have used the words "onstage" and "offstage" often.

I have gained more confidence in myself!

I am sure I will have many "a ha" moments in my future career as a manager.

Thanks to Soft Skills AHA

I grew as a person and improved as a student.

It showed me that in order to achieve any goal you have to start with your self, I am very glad that I had taken this course.

I want to thank Soft Skills AHA for this course.

It has changed me both internally and externally.

I have started to add everything that I have learned from this course in my daily life and will always do my best to become a good person with character and a positive attitude.

Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills What's the difference?

Hard skills refer to the job-related knowledge and abilities that employees need to perform their job duties effectively. Soft skills, on the other hand, are the personal qualities that help employees really thrive in the workplace. Hard skills help you identify candidates who are good on paper, whereas soft skills indicate which of these candidates are good in person, too. This means that you need a good mix of hard and soft skills in every employee so that they can be successful in their role.


Empowering the World

one soft skill at a time!

Soft Skills AHA was created by the American Hospitality Academy (AHA). Since 1986, the American Hospitality Academy, in partnership with premier resorts and hotels throughout the USA, has been the bridge between colleges and industry, providing career-focused curriculum and structured training plans for thousands of students and young adults. It is through our close working relationship with top industry leaders that AHA has developed an appreciation and clear understanding of how to best teach the 21st Century soft skills that are vital to success in any career.

In 2005, in partnership with the American Hotel and Lodging Association, AHA created the first college internship manual SERVLEAD - Service Leadership in a multicultural workplace. Our SERVLEAD manual provided professional development and leadership course work, training competencies, and an industry certification to students who successfully completed our program.

In 2009 AHA was licensed as a non public postsecondary institution by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. Our professional development programs are designed to meet the focus of companies around the world who "hire for attitude and train for aptitude." Our engaging career readiness curriculum and positive online learning environment emphasizes the essential employability traits needed to be successful both in the workplace and in life. AHA is now bringing our 30+ years of successful workplace internship preparation on the college level to Soft Skills AHA in order to help prepare students for workplace success.

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